Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Didn't we have a luverly time the day we went to ....

My stall
Guardian Angel in waiting!

Stallholders all ready and waiting!

Clocks, fairies, cards and sketch books

Just add customers!

... Chipping Sodbury!  Evie and I had a very busy weekend last weekend.  On Saturday we were back at The Guildhall in Bath.  I managed to find some brilliant collapsible shelves at the local flea market the previous week which meant I could put loads more stock on show. So we met some lovely people in Bath and after we had packed up we went mooching around the Bath Christmas Markets which was lovely.  We had pancakes - maple syrup for me and chocolate for Evie - at one stall and bought some fantastic cheese - which was supposed to be for Christmas Day but I don't think it will make it until then!

Then it was off to a lovely little pub in Ford called The White Hart where it was great to have a hot meal cooked for us and then we tumbled into our Four Poster Bed !! and watched X-Factor! And because we had to leave so early they even made us bacon sarnies to take with us - now that's what I call service.

So Sunday dawned and, with bacon sarnies in hand we made our way to The Vintage and Handmade Christmas Fair.  What an absolute treat!  The atmosphere was brilliant and it was so lovely to see blogging friends in person!  I met Donna from The Fabric of my Life, had a good catch up with Viv from Hen's Teeth and Katie from Textile Treasure Seeker and Lizzie from The Washerwoman.  And of course Michele and Jayne who worked so hard to organise it all. Thank you both.

It's made me realise that I must get back to blogging on a regular basis.  Yes,  ... I know you've heard it all before! And before you say it I know I'm a hopeless case!

It was also good meeting all the lovely people who came to support the event. Thank you all for all your lovely comments and feedback.  


  1. Thank you for your blog comment, good to meet you too. It was a fab day wasn't it! Lizzie x

  2. PS think I used to frequent the White Hart about 30 years ago in a previous life!!!

  3. I first saw your work at 'The Beetroot Tree'. I'm a long standing faerie fan. Your work is a delight and fills me full of childhood memories.