Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Memories Giveaway - Update

I realise I have made a mistake by making the deadline for the Happy Memories Giveaway so far away.  Therefore I will announce the winner on 1st May! That still gives you a couple of weeks to enter. I've loved seeing the photographs of your Happy Places. The picture above is one of mine - St Ives!
So if you would like to win one of my handmade mixed media collages of your Happy Place - just email me a photograph and I will pick one at random and capture that memory ready for your to frame and hang on your wall! (For full details please see previous post below)
Good Luck!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Memories Giveaway!

I have been thinking about the blog post I created yesterday (see below) and I thought that it was high time I did a giveaway!

Perhaps you have a photograph of a Happy Memory that you would like to be reminded of? If so, why not email me the picture at and I will pick one at random to translate into a paper and stitched collage. The finished piece will be stitched on handmade watercolour paper with a beautiful deckled edge. It will measure 20 cm square and will be mounted on ivory mountboard ready for you to frame. These retail for £95 but one lucky person will get one completely free! Photographs should be of landscapes or townscapes - portraits aren't my thing!

Closing date for entries: Friday 22nd May 2015. The winner will be announced on facebook and via my mailing list on Tuesday 26th May 2015.  By entering the competition you give me permission to use the winning photograph on facebook. #giveaway #competition

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Memories!

I thought I would share this picture with you today.  It was inspired by a photograph on a jeweller friend's blog where she spoke about a last minute trip to Lyme Regis.

The image really inspired me and I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out a smaller format for my collages. This one is 20cm square. I spent a lovely Easter Sunday cutting, pasting and sewing. It was very therapeutic. To see the original blog/photo click on the following link.

I remember visiting Lyme Regis myself quite a few years ago (probably mid 1980's!) and standing on The Cobb feeling very French Lieutenant's Woman! 
And this image taken by Richard Austin is one of my absolute favourites. Apparently he didn't see the white horse until people pointed it out on facebook - so I'm presuming this hasn't been photoshopped. For more of Richard's photos visit his website here:  

If you have a photograph that you would like me to interpret in paper collage and stitch please do drop me a line at  and I will do my best to oblige.  No portraits though please, I work best with landscapes/townscapes!

Hope you have a good rest of the week!
Love, Corinne x

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've written.  And I can't believe how many times I've started an entry along the same lines. How hopeless am I?! Don't answer that.

Anyway I'm here now ... so I thought I would share pictures of two commissions I have just done for a lovely lady, Sue and her husband Paul.  I love adding the little personal details ... like the 'S' and 'P' on the ice-cream van hubcaps. 

She also loved books and cakes so I added a book shop (my first one) and a cake shop. Her husband's father used to work for the  Police so I've put a Police Station in this one. I was quite nervous when I took them to her but they were both really thrilled ... which was lovely.

At the moment I have my son, Dan and his girlfriend Kristin, living with me temporarily whilst they save up for a rental deposit.  He has just moved back to the area and has a job which is not far from me so it made sense (which I keep telling myself every time I have to tidy up after them!!) They are in the conservatory at the moment, which is where I do my work, but we are getting Ruby's old room sorted out so that they can be in there and that means I will have my studio space back.  It's nice having them here and today Kristen and I are going to go a beautiful walk on the Malverns with the dogs which will be lovely although they are looking rather comfortable at the moment ... They are probably thinking "Come on Mum ... stop typing and let's go!"

Following on from all the great feedback I got from my Fairy Godmother Boxes I am planning to reprieve them which is exciting. I loved making these and it will be nice to re-visit them and see what happens. I have put some of the photos of them on my website and will post updates on my facebook page.

So I will try and update this blog more regularly in future (I know, I've said that before too!) but it's been good to chat.  See you over on facebook!
C x

Friday, June 13, 2014

Don't Panic Mr Mainwearing!!

Showing my age a bit with this post title! May be lost on some of you! A week today Ruby and I visited the Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracy. It was a baking hot day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself - although we didn't stay as long as I would have liked because Ruby was feeling a little poorly towards the end. May be it was having to steer me away from all the lovely goodies I wanted to buy!
I managed to have a chat with Kirsty Elson from Kirsty Elson Designs and Poppy Treffry from ... well err ... Poppy Treffry who were both fabulous. And I also met in person Kate from The Angel Bill Trading Company - who I've got to know via Facebook but not in person. And it was good to catch up with Anya Keeley at her fantastical stand and Julia Jowett with her lovely wire ladies which I just adore.
So, whilst it was a brilliant day, it has also made exhibiting at the Cornwall Design Fair much more of a reality and I'm getting pretty nervous about it.  I had a bit of a meltdown about how I was going to dress my stand on my (non-existant) budget, but I've sort of recovered from that and I have a few ideas that I hope will work. And I'm making some smaller pieces (see above) that hopefully will sell OK. It's so difficult knowing how much to take but I suppose you take more than you think because it's better to bring it back that run out whilst you're there! (If only ...)
Wishing you a fab weekend in the sunshine

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Surf's up!

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! I see we have the usual British weather to accompany it!
But to cheer you up I have uploaded some of my original stitched mixed media collages to my etsy shop. 
Visit to view the lovely goodies and don't forget to sign up to my mailing list for exclusive discounts, special offers and up-to-the-minute news! Visit to sign up.

Friday, May 2, 2014

My Morning Meditation

 I thought I would share with you my morning walk today. I am amazed at how lucky I am to have this walk right opposite my house. I like to go early when there aren't so many people about and, although I have to admit that it is a real battle of wills with myself to get me out there - once I'm out I thoroughly enjoy it and wonder what the fuss was all about. Mind you the next day I'm exactly the same! 

 And the dogs love it. They make me laugh. Dappy, the chocolate lab, almost skips along, waggling his behind. Lulu, a black lab/collie cross, is completely deaf so Dappy has to be her ears too. I call him back and eventually Lulu realises he's not around and looks up where I'm frantically signalling to her!

 Isn't this a beautiful scene! When we had to move house following the divorce, I was so worried that I would end up somewhere built up. Don't get me wrong I'm not living in one of these lovely cottages. My little house is a tiny semi-detached ex-council house but it has loads of character and I've decorated it to my own taste. It's very girly - but then what would you expect with 3 girls living there!
So I cross the fields and then come out onto a beautiful little lane full of gorgeous houses. 
The only downside here is I do have to put them on the lead just in case a car comes because of Lulu's deafness she doesn't react as quickly! (Unlike myself of course, who is faster than the speed of light!)
So, on the home straight now.
Trying to get a decent picture of at least one of the dogs - like I say Lulu doesn't come when I call. This, I'm afraid, was the best I could get!
And then back home in time for breakfast! And able to feel smug all day because I managed to get out!