Friday, June 13, 2014

Don't Panic Mr Mainwearing!!

Showing my age a bit with this post title! May be lost on some of you! A week today Ruby and I visited the Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracy. It was a baking hot day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself - although we didn't stay as long as I would have liked because Ruby was feeling a little poorly towards the end. May be it was having to steer me away from all the lovely goodies I wanted to buy!
I managed to have a chat with Kirsty Elson from Kirsty Elson Designs and Poppy Treffry from ... well err ... Poppy Treffry who were both fabulous. And I also met in person Kate from The Angel Bill Trading Company - who I've got to know via Facebook but not in person. And it was good to catch up with Anya Keeley at her fantastical stand and Julia Jowett with her lovely wire ladies which I just adore.
So, whilst it was a brilliant day, it has also made exhibiting at the Cornwall Design Fair much more of a reality and I'm getting pretty nervous about it.  I had a bit of a meltdown about how I was going to dress my stand on my (non-existant) budget, but I've sort of recovered from that and I have a few ideas that I hope will work. And I'm making some smaller pieces (see above) that hopefully will sell OK. It's so difficult knowing how much to take but I suppose you take more than you think because it's better to bring it back that run out whilst you're there! (If only ...)
Wishing you a fab weekend in the sunshine

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Surf's up!

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! I see we have the usual British weather to accompany it!
But to cheer you up I have uploaded some of my original stitched mixed media collages to my etsy shop. 
Visit to view the lovely goodies and don't forget to sign up to my mailing list for exclusive discounts, special offers and up-to-the-minute news! Visit to sign up.

Friday, May 2, 2014

My Morning Meditation

 I thought I would share with you my morning walk today. I am amazed at how lucky I am to have this walk right opposite my house. I like to go early when there aren't so many people about and, although I have to admit that it is a real battle of wills with myself to get me out there - once I'm out I thoroughly enjoy it and wonder what the fuss was all about. Mind you the next day I'm exactly the same! 

 And the dogs love it. They make me laugh. Dappy, the chocolate lab, almost skips along, waggling his behind. Lulu, a black lab/collie cross, is completely deaf so Dappy has to be her ears too. I call him back and eventually Lulu realises he's not around and looks up where I'm frantically signalling to her!

 Isn't this a beautiful scene! When we had to move house following the divorce, I was so worried that I would end up somewhere built up. Don't get me wrong I'm not living in one of these lovely cottages. My little house is a tiny semi-detached ex-council house but it has loads of character and I've decorated it to my own taste. It's very girly - but then what would you expect with 3 girls living there!
So I cross the fields and then come out onto a beautiful little lane full of gorgeous houses. 
The only downside here is I do have to put them on the lead just in case a car comes because of Lulu's deafness she doesn't react as quickly! (Unlike myself of course, who is faster than the speed of light!)
So, on the home straight now.
Trying to get a decent picture of at least one of the dogs - like I say Lulu doesn't come when I call. This, I'm afraid, was the best I could get!
And then back home in time for breakfast! And able to feel smug all day because I managed to get out!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Aren't some people just so lovely?...

This might be a strange photo to lead with but I have had a warm and fuzzy moment this morning and wanted to share with you my beautiful aquamarine ring - my Christmas present from Ruby - It is made by a lovely lady called Charlotte Bezzant (please see who has very kindly shared a photo of one of my collages on facebook this morning!
Plus, my dear friend Paul Jillard has kindly offered, out of the blue, to take photos of my work as the ones I took for the postcards are a bit too dark!  So like I said ... Aren't some people just so lovely?...

Talking about lovely - this is Joey looking cute (again!) although he is actually a little bugger! He keeps jumping on my other cat, Archie, who never does anything to hurt him and then I'm picking up all the fur that flies all over the place.

 So this is a, not very good, photo of my latest piece.  I wanted to do a night scene. I am pleased with the actual collage but I'm not sure about the background. Then again, I'm not really sure what would have been a better background. I love the colour of it but there's something that just isn't working for me.
And here is a piece I'm just starting. I wanted to do a winter scene so I hope this gives a chilly sort of feel to it. Check back to see the finished piece - really the suspense!!
 And then this will be Autumn - just deciding on which colours to use for the houses.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Work in Progress

I have to say I'm really pleased with my new collage work. Here are a couple of pieces which I've been working on over Easter.  I have had some postcards printed which should arrive soon and then I will put them up for sale - so do check back soon for further details or check on my facebook page
which is where I seem to be putting most of my up-to-date images and info at the moment.

Obviously these pieces still need lots more stitching etc but it's great how they sort of come to life as I am working on them.  When I start off I'm not really sure what they are going to be and then as the work progresses new ideas come to mind.  I wasn't entirely sure about the garage (see pic 1) but I think it works and once I've completed stitching I think it will look better.
I'm aiming to do a bit of a freebie competition to launch my postcards soon - so do keep checking back!

Friday, April 4, 2014

New Work! (At last!)

The High Street (detail)

So here is some of my new collage work.  I have REALLY enjoyed doing this and it's great to have ideas flying around my head again!
I have some really old handwritten documents that I have copied and used for the background and then used found papers and objects for the actual collage - finishing off with machine embroidery.
I have also updated my website to include a new page of collage work. Please click HERE for details.

Please do let me know what you think about the new work. It would be great to have some constructive feedback! Also don't forget you can follow me on facebook

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I've had a busy couple of days. When my girls and I moved into our little house a couple of years ago, a lot of my creative 'stuff' had to go into my mum's attic. I wasn't sure how big my attic was - and there was no loft ladder so I knew that it would be best to have them out of the way whilst we got organised.  However, in the spirit of kickstarting my creativity (see last post), I decided that I would get all my stuff back and have a good sort out.  I had to wait until my son was able to help me as boy were some of those boxes heavy!!  
Anyway, this was the week we got all my lovely treasures back. It's been a long time and I have missed them! And isn't it funny that the things that inspired you once, continue to have that hold over you? Every time I see these things my heart skips a beat. (Sad, isn't it?!)
So now I am clean out of excuses as to why I can't create new work!  Watch this space - or follow me on facebook -!/pages/Corinne-Phillips-Fairytale-Maker/189705697727603

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kickstarting my creativity

My "warm up" piece!
I don't know about you but I find creativity is an unusual beast. It is like a nagging thought in the back of your brain like you forgot to do something. But when you feed it, it rewards you with the most pleasant feelings of self-worth. 

I have struggled over the last two to three years, since my divorce, to get into gear creatively. My head has always been somewhere else and I have found it so difficult to allow myself to do anything - although I miss it terribly. When I actually come to sit down and sew or write, I immediately hear a battle in my head debating what the point of all this is.

Details of warm up
To this end, on a complete whim, I enrolled on a workshop with Jennifer Collier at Unit Twelve last Saturday. It was called Printed Canvases. As fate would have it as soon as I had paid my money warnings were issued that the Powick Bridge was due to be flooded on Friday - this was my only way to get to the motorway and I was worried that my spur of the moment idea would backfire. Luckily the water did not rise enough to flood the road and I was able to make it.

Thoughts turn to the final piece!
Even just assembling together my personal bits and pieces to take to the course was a boost.  It was great to look into boxes and little drawers that I hadn't opened in such a long time and see my lovely flea market finds again.

When I arrived at Jennifer's studio a warm welcome awaited. We were a small group of about 7 but it was lovely to be with like-minded people once again. Even then, half way through the morning my inner critic was whispering "What are you doing? This is such a waste of time?" but the fact that I had to stay there the whole day - and the expectations that I would create something that day was a great silencer to the voice in my head.

The finished article!
So now I hope to continue in that vein. I know that I am a creative being and that I feel so much better when I have a creative outlet. So I am praying that this is the start of feeding my creative soul on a much more regular basis.