Friday, May 2, 2014

My Morning Meditation

 I thought I would share with you my morning walk today. I am amazed at how lucky I am to have this walk right opposite my house. I like to go early when there aren't so many people about and, although I have to admit that it is a real battle of wills with myself to get me out there - once I'm out I thoroughly enjoy it and wonder what the fuss was all about. Mind you the next day I'm exactly the same! 

 And the dogs love it. They make me laugh. Dappy, the chocolate lab, almost skips along, waggling his behind. Lulu, a black lab/collie cross, is completely deaf so Dappy has to be her ears too. I call him back and eventually Lulu realises he's not around and looks up where I'm frantically signalling to her!

 Isn't this a beautiful scene! When we had to move house following the divorce, I was so worried that I would end up somewhere built up. Don't get me wrong I'm not living in one of these lovely cottages. My little house is a tiny semi-detached ex-council house but it has loads of character and I've decorated it to my own taste. It's very girly - but then what would you expect with 3 girls living there!
So I cross the fields and then come out onto a beautiful little lane full of gorgeous houses. 
The only downside here is I do have to put them on the lead just in case a car comes because of Lulu's deafness she doesn't react as quickly! (Unlike myself of course, who is faster than the speed of light!)
So, on the home straight now.
Trying to get a decent picture of at least one of the dogs - like I say Lulu doesn't come when I call. This, I'm afraid, was the best I could get!
And then back home in time for breakfast! And able to feel smug all day because I managed to get out!

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