Sunday, February 28, 2010

Competition Ends 1st March!

I thought I would share some of my latest Flea Market finds with you.
This delightful child's sewing machine is so cute.  The box has seen better days but
I just couldn't walk past it.

These are some gorgeous tins that I will use in my work at some stage.
I love the old text and graphics.
And here are a few other bits. Sorry it's not a brilliant photo.
The little bird is actually one of two that belonged to mum and dad.
There was a green one as well and they were on the Christmas tree lights.
We found this one whilst sorting out the attic. 
The little shoes - well I fell in love with them but I have absolutely no idea what
I will use them for - perhaps I was just feeling a little nostalgic.  My lot are growing up
so fast now.  Ruby is 14 on Tuesday! I can't believe it.

Thanks for all your supportive comments about the talk by the way!
It went well - I was nervous to start with but then got into the flow and actually quite enjoyed myself.
I'm glad it's over though!

The competition to win a set of Fairy Brooches ends tomorrow! So you don't have long to
sign up for my mailing list.  Just visit my website and sign up and all
the names will go into a "hat" and 3 lucky winners will receive a set worth £15 each!!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Knocking Knees!

My hubby and I actually managed to get away for a night WITHOUT KIDS over half term. We travelled down to Bath for the day and stayed in this pretty little pub called The White Hart at Ford which is about 30 minutes north of Bath.
Sorry about the quality of the photographs. It was very dark but I am a sucker for twinkly lights!
Whilst in Bath we came across this clothes store which had its window displays
absolutely packed full of vintage sewing machines.
There must have been at least 200! They looked stunning.
Everyone was taking photographs. Sorry about the reflections
but hopefully you get the idea!

Anyway the reason for the title to this post is that tonight I am due to give
a talk about my textiles/mixed media work!!! I haven't done this for at least
2 years and am getting a little nervous!
I am supposed to talk for an hour - which some of my friends will say would be
easy for me! - but I've tried and tried and it keeps coming out at 30 minutes.
Even when I try and pad it out it's still 30 minutes.
I'll just have to open the floor to questions and hope for the best.
Wish me luck!

Oh and by the way - don't forget to sign up to my mailing list to be
in with a chance of winning a set of 3 lovely fairy brooches.
Winners will be drawn on 1st March.