Sunday, April 27, 2014

Aren't some people just so lovely?...

This might be a strange photo to lead with but I have had a warm and fuzzy moment this morning and wanted to share with you my beautiful aquamarine ring - my Christmas present from Ruby - It is made by a lovely lady called Charlotte Bezzant (please see who has very kindly shared a photo of one of my collages on facebook this morning!
Plus, my dear friend Paul Jillard has kindly offered, out of the blue, to take photos of my work as the ones I took for the postcards are a bit too dark!  So like I said ... Aren't some people just so lovely?...

Talking about lovely - this is Joey looking cute (again!) although he is actually a little bugger! He keeps jumping on my other cat, Archie, who never does anything to hurt him and then I'm picking up all the fur that flies all over the place.

 So this is a, not very good, photo of my latest piece.  I wanted to do a night scene. I am pleased with the actual collage but I'm not sure about the background. Then again, I'm not really sure what would have been a better background. I love the colour of it but there's something that just isn't working for me.
And here is a piece I'm just starting. I wanted to do a winter scene so I hope this gives a chilly sort of feel to it. Check back to see the finished piece - really the suspense!!
 And then this will be Autumn - just deciding on which colours to use for the houses.

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