Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've written.  And I can't believe how many times I've started an entry along the same lines. How hopeless am I?! Don't answer that.

Anyway I'm here now ... so I thought I would share pictures of two commissions I have just done for a lovely lady, Sue and her husband Paul.  I love adding the little personal details ... like the 'S' and 'P' on the ice-cream van hubcaps. 

She also loved books and cakes so I added a book shop (my first one) and a cake shop. Her husband's father used to work for the  Police so I've put a Police Station in this one. I was quite nervous when I took them to her but they were both really thrilled ... which was lovely.

At the moment I have my son, Dan and his girlfriend Kristin, living with me temporarily whilst they save up for a rental deposit.  He has just moved back to the area and has a job which is not far from me so it made sense (which I keep telling myself every time I have to tidy up after them!!) They are in the conservatory at the moment, which is where I do my work, but we are getting Ruby's old room sorted out so that they can be in there and that means I will have my studio space back.  It's nice having them here and today Kristen and I are going to go a beautiful walk on the Malverns with the dogs which will be lovely although they are looking rather comfortable at the moment ... They are probably thinking "Come on Mum ... stop typing and let's go!"

Following on from all the great feedback I got from my Fairy Godmother Boxes I am planning to reprieve them which is exciting. I loved making these and it will be nice to re-visit them and see what happens. I have put some of the photos of them on my website and will post updates on my facebook page.

So I will try and update this blog more regularly in future (I know, I've said that before too!) but it's been good to chat.  See you over on facebook!
C x

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