Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm back!!

Is anyone still out there?  I am returning to the blogosphere after a couple of years which have turned my world upside down. However, I am now itching to get back to being creative and to rejoining all you lovely people out there - if you are still out there!?
So, let me introduce you to Joey - our new addition. He is 5 months old and full of fun. We got him in the middle of December - It was Ruby's idea - and although I put up all sorts of reasons why we shouldn't get one it didn't actually take much to twist my arm!  So he arrived mid December and within days was the boss of both dogs! Archie, our other cat is holding his own for the time being!!
Although Joey doesn't take No for an answer.
After much deliberating, I have decided to get back into my sewing slowly - so I am starting a log cabin quilt for my bed. I am hoping that by engaging my creative brain it will fire into action with enthusiasm and lots of new ideas - well that's the theory anyway!

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