Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Catching my Breath

My stand at BCTF

So the "Big Weekend" started on 2nd April at British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate. My dear friend Valleri kindly agreed to come with me and help.  We left Worcester at around 8.30 a.m. on Saturday and arrived at the Great Yorkshire Showground at around 11.30 ish.  We decided not to stop for lunch but to pop into Betty's in Harrogate for afternoon tea as a treat after we had set up - just to be sociable obviously!
We found my stand really easily - N33 (it will be always etched on my heart!) - and proceeded to set up.  I was in the Newcomer's Gallery and everyone was very busy setting up wonderful displays but I was quite pleased with my stand.  I had wanted to be completely creative but in the end I was limited to what furniture I could fit into Chris's Maestro Estate so I just concentrated on practicality!

Betty's was fabulous by the way - although we had to queue and service was, well let's call it "leisurely" - which meant that by the time we had finished we had half an hour to shop! I am still wondering if my dear hubby called ahead and asked them to stall us!  Anyway, it may have been a good thing because I still managed to spend rather a lot in such a short space of time - mostly presents for the kids from Jack Wills! We did pop into Paperchase too which was fabulous. I do love Paperchase.

The Show was fantastic and we met lots of really lovely people amongst whom are Della Clark, a jeweller from Lancashire, specialising in silver jewellery, who was so funny; Kelly McRobie, a textiles designer from Leicester, whose scarves were to die for and Stephanie Earl, a ceramicist and generally lovely girl whose work is so gorgeous you must take a look. It was also great to meet so many lovely visitors who made such lovely comments about my work. 

Anyway I should be working on some more stuff for the Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury on Saturday but I thought I would just update you on things.  Must dash!


  1. i love your little ladies - and your houses with wings - your stall looked delightful -

  2. your little ladies are cute and i love your houses with wings - your stall looked delightful

  3. I like your stand setup very approachable. The colors of your things stand out nice too!

    :-} Pop by if you get a sec.