Friday, June 19, 2009


We have just returned from our special wedding anniversary trip to Barcelona - without kids!!

What a lovely place it is - and so inspiring. I have come back with loads of ideas buzzing around in my head. Unfortunately I also have loads of washing to do which will have to come first - but not before I've posted to my blog!
We visited the Sagrada Familia which was stunning. I was particularly partial to all the text that was included and also found the funicular model especially inspiring. All those little bags of lead pellets - amazing. Then we went to Casa Battlo and Casa Mila.
The buildings are so decorative and the tiny shops with a whole host of goodies on display. It was lovely not to be met with the same old main brand shops - although as soon as we got home Ruby asked if there was a Top Shop or a New Look there! Whose child is she??!
Anyway it's good to be able to touch base with you - back to the real world now - ho hum!

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  1. Hello C,
    What a special and lovely way to celebrate an Anniversary. So pleased you got so much from the trip.