Friday, July 19, 2013

An Evening of Cocktails!

Last Monday my lad, Dan, who is a trained bartender, came over to stay for a couple of nights.  Ruby, Dan and I went out to lunch to a place that served cocktails and Dan had the bizarre idea of us buying some stuff, including the cocktail shaker and having an afternoon/evening of cocktails in the sun! Not wishing to put a dampner on the idea - and always priding myself on being a mother who encourages her children (!) we set off to Argos to purchase said cocktail shaker. 

Then off to Sainsburys to buy juices, lemon and limes, ice and the requisite alcohol. Dan was sure we would need loads of fruit juice and so we bought 3 cartons each of cranberry, apple and orange juice.
We also phoned Ruby's friend who was coming over to stay as well - and surprisingly she found the idea to her liking too! Eve too entered into the spirit of the thing - but was limited to one cocktail only! Anyway it was a lovely afternoon/evening. We were sensible and paced ourselves and no-one was poorly the next day - it was just a lovely sunny day enjoying each other's company!

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