Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Name in Lights! - well almost!

I had a lovely surprise the other week when my friend Valleri phoned me from a Stitching Show at the NEC to say that I was in the April/May issue of Stitch magazine!

It's all about my Fairy Wings and how they came about.  It has been two years since I wrote the article and I had completely forgotten about it but perhaps it has been published at just the right time for me now.  It is two years since my husband and I split and my daughters and I are now settled into our cute little house (little being the operative word!), so perhaps my mind can finally get back to creating! I have missed it so much but when you go through any sort of trauma, the creativity space is the first thing to get pushed aside.
If you would like more information on my Fairy Wings you can find it here



  1. That's fabulous Corinne. It's funny how serendipity works. Hope lots of good things spring from it for you. :D