Tuesday, April 20, 2010


OK so I'll own up - I'm supposed to be in my workroom completing a commission for which the deadline is Friday!  Yes - this Friday - and I am out all day with my Art Group Art-upfront on Wednesday and at work all day Thursday.  So this is my only day and what am I doing?  Updating my blog!  I only came on to book my mum's birthday present - (two tickets to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to see The Winter's Tale) and then decided that my blog was in need of a new post.  Which, to be honest, it is - where does the time go?
Anyway - the pic is of my cat, Archie.

Sorry Archie - Have we woken you up?  He's gorgeous.  I love how cats have their own little routines don't you?  I wonder if they ever procrastinate? 

So, whilst I'm here I may as well introduce you to my dog as well ...

She is lovely. She is a cross between a black labrador and a border collie - and she is fab.  Actually she needs a walk - no- honestly she hasn't been yet - it's not procrastinating! I can get on as soon as we get back.  Why do I do this?  Anyone else have this problem?
My most favourite thing is to be in my workroom, creating and all the buzz of ideas that goes on and I find it difficult to drag myself away - but to actually get in through the door - and then to actually START WORK... I find it so hard. And the computer just seems to eat up time doesn't it? You just think you'll check your emails and the next thing you know an hour or two has disappeared! Or is it just me?
Well I'll say Cheerio and get down to it.  No more excuses! Honest!  (Now where's that lead? ...)


  1. Procrastination is my middle name sister!

  2. Oh this is soooo true! I spend far too much time saying "im going to...." and at the end of the day wonder why I didnt have enough time to get what I wanted to do done?????
    have a great day!

  3. I could waffle and faff about for England.. I spend far too much time thinking about things and not doing.. then have to cram it all in at the 11th hour!
    Love Archie... yes I do agree.. cats have wonderful little routines.. our Mr Pickles adores being combed and sits on the kitchen table (tut tut) every morning waiting for his grooming session.

    Michele x