Monday, March 22, 2010

Aladdin's Cave

The other day my hubby, youngest daughter and I went over to Mum and Dad's to help them sort out the attic.  A lot of the time my inspiration for my work comes from my childhood and I had asked Mum previously if we had still got my Ladybird books but she said she thought she had taken them to school - she was a primary school teacher. So imagine my absolute JOY when this rusty old tin trunk came out of the attic and we opened up to find ....
All of my Ladybird books!  Plus Thomas the Tank Engine and Beatrix Potter.
We didn't find my favourite Thomas the Tank story which was the one where Thomas got stuck in the snow but we've only done half of the attic so you never know!
Unfortunately I ripped the picture on the cover of Samuel Whiskers because he scared me so much - plus he deserved it for treating the little kitten so cruelly!
It was a great day - and it was great to relive childhood memories.

What do you remember reading when you were a child?


  1. Oh how wonderful to have all of those still.
    My mum is one of those types that keeps nothing and throws it all away, not sentimental about things at all, unlike me who keeps everything!
    My friends dad used to work at the ladybird books factory, we lived quite nearby it was lovely, they used to do book tours and I went all the time, so much fun!

  2. You have sent me on a nostalgia trip C. How lovely to have all your old books and all the memories that go with them. x

  3. My absolute favourite was Toby Twirl, a contemporary of Rupert bu a bit darker and far more exciting, I still colect them now if I see them.

  4. How lovely to find them again! Maybe you'll find some more treasures in the rest of the attic....