Sunday, July 5, 2009

Up-Front Exhibition, Derby

I have been busy working on new work for Up-Front's next exhibition. This will be at The Beetroot Tree in Derby from 25th July running until 6th September. The bras will be on show but this Exhibition will also include new work that the girls have been working hard on. We had our last meeting before the Summer on Wednesday and everyone's work looks stunning. I thought I would give you a sneak preview of my new work.

It is called "White Collar Work" and was inspired by finding men's detachable collars at a Flea Market earlier this year. I researched the history of the collars and this led me to look at laundry practices in our Grandmother's era. Whilst researching I came across a very old rhyme which goes:-
They that wash on Monday, have all the week to dry;
They that wash on Tuesday, are not so much awry;
They that wash on Wednesday, are not so much to blame;
They that wash on Thursday, wash for shame;
They that wash on Friday, wash in need
And they that wash on Saturday, Oh they are sluts indeed!

So this was the base for my White Collar Work.

It also led to my work with the Pegs - see the banner at the top of the page and I have
developed these into little characters. These are a work in progress but will also be on show at The Beetroot Tree.

So if you are in the Derby area please do pop in and see the Exhibition!


  1. Hi Corrine,
    Found your work and research extremely interesting and loving the pegs dolls. Isn't it interesting how a theme can take you to all sorts of places, techniques and mediums?

  2. Hi viv

    Thanks for the comments. I have found the research fascinating. Like you say it's interesting how you start at one point and really don't know where you'll end up. When I saw the collars on the flea market I knew I had to have them but had no idea what I would do with them. They really were an impulse purchase. And they needed washing - which I did in the time honoured fashion - boiling on the hob - although I did have the aid of Vanish!! Not strictly traditional!

  3. They are lovely! It's interesting how one thing leads to another isn't it?

    Had to laugh at the rhyme - wonder what they'd make of us these days with our washing machines?


  4. Hi Corinne
    I saw the collars - and the rest of your wonderful work - at The Beetroot Tree yesterday! Its a fabulous exhibition; well done to all of you. I'm going for another look later this week..
    Linda x

  5. I certainly wish I were close by, but am grateful to Linda for sharing about your special artwork and the fascinating exhibit...
    Very Inspiring!
    Wonderful rescue of the collars too!
    ~*~ Patty in Virginia, USA ;)